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Miami is best known as the vacation destination with miles of sandy white beaches. Each year, millions of residents flock to the city to experience the serene sounds of the ocean waves and the year-round warm weather. In 2017, an estimated 15.8 million tourists visited Miami. To truly experience all that is Miami, one must look past the beautiful ocean views to see the history, culture, and the people that have shaped this city. Today, the Miami is the essence of the melting pot with the cultures of Latin and South America woven into the sights and sounds of the Miami streets.

History of Miami

Miami’s history began thousands of years ago when the Tequesta Indians inhabited a large portion of what is now known as southeast Florida. Calling the land “Mayaimi”, the Tequesta tribe inhabited the region until the Spanish settlers arrived in the mid-1500s. During the time of Spanish occupation, much of the tribe died due to small-pox or other illnesses. During the 1800s, the United States began to explore and develop land throughout Florida, which resulted in the dislocation of other Native American tribes, specifically the Seminole Tribe who were pushed into southern Florida. In 1819, the US bought Florida from the Spanish. Its further expansion into the southern parts of Florida resulted in the Seminoles waging war against the US, devastating parts of Miami.

Eventually, land development began in Miami around 1842 with William English establishing the “Village of Miami” on the south side of the Miami River. Julia Tuttle, a widow from Ohio, purchased a plot of land on the north side of the river and built a citrus farm. During this time, Henry Flagler was establishing a railway service in southern Florida, however an extension to Miami was not on the docket. Given Miami’s remoteness, access to and from the land was limited. Tuttle approached Henry Flagler in the hopes of extending the railroad to reach Miami. After a particularly harsh winter that killed all of the citrus crops in the state, only Tuttle’s crops survived. This motivated Flagler to extend the railroad to Miami. Flagler was also instrumental in building the infrastructure needed in Miami, such as canals, streets, and power. Interestingly, Julia Tuttle’s insistence on bringing the railway to Miami made her the first, and only, woman to found a major city in the US.

Miami officially became a city in 1896 and soon after, the improved access and infrastructure brought about new investors, willing to build resorts and hotels. The warm weather and beach atmosphere attracted wealthy visitors and the city continued to grow until Miami was hit by a major hurricane in 1926 which devastated the area. During the reconstruction process, much of the homes and buildings were largely inspired by Art Deco and Mediterranean styles, creating the historical architectural charm that Miami is known for today.

The next wave of growth occurred during World War II when soldiers were commissioned to South Florida to undergo training. After the war ended, many returned to the Miami area, thus contributing to the next real estate boom.

Miami continued to be promoted as a vacation destination, attracting wealthier travelers to relax at high-end resorts and golf courses. Eventually, many wealthier residents became part-time residents and built second homes in Miami.

The trajectory of Miami changed when thousands of Cubans fled their home country to the safety of the US. While many Cubans considered this a temporary move until the political forces in Cuba changed, they remained in the US permanently as the environment in their home country remained the same. In subsequent years, Miami experienced spurges of international growth, with another mass influx of Haitians and Nicaraguans fleeing their oppressive governments in the late 1970s and the continued exodus of Cubans in the early 1980s.

Miami Today

Miami often refers to the area that includes downtown, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods. As Miami continued to develop over the years, its neighborhoods often were often shaped by the residents living there. The city is often broken out into four distinct sections, with each one developing its own style and personality that ultimately contributes to the uniqueness and charm of the city. These sections are often broken out between Downtown, South, West, and North.

  • Downtown Miami – Miami’s large Hispanic influence and close proximity to Latin American countries has transformed the downtown area into a major financial and business district. Its Brickell neighborhood is the center of Miami’s banking, investment, and financial industry. Often considered the “Manhattan of the South,” downtown Miami has the largest number of international banks in the US. Downtown Miami is home to many foreign consulates, including representatives from Japan, France, Argentina, and Peru. Over the years, downtown Miami has seen new construction and renovations made to its office and other commercial buildings, creating a skyline that is comparable to other big cities.

    In addition to the bustling city-life, downtown Miami also offers an extensive cultural experience in the arts, music, and science, as well as many restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. The downtown area draws thousands of visitors each year to its financial district or just to walk the streets of the city.

    Located across the bay from Downtown Miami is Miami Beach. Also a popular tourist attraction, Miami Beach offers scenic ocean views, million dollar mansions, as well as an active nightlife at the famed South Beach. Mediterranean and art deco styles back in the early 1900s inspired the architecture of the homes and building constructed at that time. Many of these buildings are still standing today, giving Miami Beach the title of the “world’s largest collection of Art Deco.”

    The Port of Miami is also based in the city. Whether shipping goods for business or passengers taking a cruise to the Caribbean, it is one of the busiest ports in the country. It is the largest passenger port in the world, serving over 5 million passengers each year, and home to several massive cruise lines, such as Carnival Cruise Lines and Norwegian.

    Downtown Miami also includes several small barrier islands, including Dodge Island, and Virginia Key.

  • South – The charming neighborhoods in the southern part of Miami are known for their historic architecture and extensive tree canopies that line the streets. Notable neighborhoods in South Miami include Coconut Grove and Coral Way. These family-friendly neighborhoods offer multiple schools and parks.

    Beyond its sleepy neighborhoods, Coconut Grove is also known for its vibrant shopping and restaurant scene. It has two expansive outdoor malls, Cocowalk and the Streets of Mayfair, which offer trendy restaurants and cafes, as well as boutique stores. Coconut Grove is also home to the Village Center, which offers an assortment of restaurants and stores over a three-block perimeter. Known as “the Grove” by its residents, it offers an active nightlife scene, attracted visitors and residents alike to its many bars and clubs. Notable tourist attractions in Coconut Grove include Miami Science Museum, the Coconut Grove Playhouse, and the beautiful Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

    The homes in Coral Way were heavily influenced by the bungalow and revivalist trends that were popular back in the 1920s and 1930s. Many of these homes still exist today, creating these quaint walking neighborhoods.

  • West – Many of the neighborhoods in West Miami are characterized by residential living and an active business community. These neighborhoods are generally friendly to families, offering many amenities such as schools, parks, and community centers. Located in the West Miami region is Little Havana, a neighborhood affectionately named by its residents after the Cuban capital. The neighborhood now known as Little Havana was transformed when a mass influx of over 500,000 Cubans moved to the area. Incorporating the sights and sounds of their culture, Little Havana became a vibrant community, offering visitors a peak into Cuban living. Well-known for its festivals, cultural events, cuisine, and style, Little Havana draws millions of visitors each year to such events as Calle Ocho and the Three Kings Parade.

    Also considered as part of the west section of Miami is Flagami, a residential neighborhood with many of its homes built between 1940 and 1969. Many soldiers returning from World War II bought homes in this area, raising their families in this friendly community. Flagami is a combinatioin of Flagler and Tamiami and its current population has a high number of Cuban and South American residents.

  • North – The neighborhoods in the northern section of Miami include Little Haiti, Liberty City, and Little River. Little Haiti, once known as Lemon City, was shaped by the large number of Haitian residents who moved to the area after fleeing their home county. Like Little Havana, Little Haiti offers a glimpse into the Haitian culture. Buildings in this neighborhood were transformed by the bright colors and vibrant murals that are often found on the streets of Haiti. The smell of Creole spices and the sounds of Haitian music abound, often drawing tourists and residents to the community.

    With a rather infamous past, Liberty City was once designed as a planned community for upper-to-middle income African American residents back in the 1950s. It was a thriving neighborhood until the late 1960s, which saw an extreme shift in the demographics due to the increased access from I-95 and expansive nature of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. As the landscape of the neighborhood began to change, original residents of Liberty City began to relocate to other neighborhoods, such as Miami Gardens. As lower-income or welfare-dependent families moved into Liberty City, the overall income level dropped considerably. This lead to rampant crime, violence, and drug use. Community and civic leaders often convene to find ways to elevate income levels and improve the living conditions in Liberty City.

    Little River is a neighborhood community that began back in the 1800s. Named after the river that flows to the north of the community, it is best known for its residential living.

Notable Facts About Miami

Miami has a rich history in diversity and imagination. Other notable facts about Miami include;

  • There are over 800 parks in Miami
  • As a soldier stationed in Miami, Benjamin Green developed sunscreen back in the 1940’s. He later sold the formula to Coppertone.
  • In 1954, Burger King opened its first store in Miami.
  • Starting in 1923, Edward Leedskalnin spent almost 30 years building a limestone castle reportedly as a tribute to a woman that he loved. The grounds are filled with complementary coral statutes and designs. The Coral Castle remains a tourist attraction today.
  • Known for its exotic animals, the warm weather is conducive for animal attractions, such as the Miami Zoo and Jungle Island. The Miami Zoo is known for keeping animals in their natural environments and grouping animals that are able to live peacefully together in their exhibits. Jungle Island is a sanctuary for exotic animals and birds. Both draw thousands of tourists each year.
  • Miami is also a popular location for filming movies and television shows. Scenes from famous movies, such as Scarface, the Bird Cage, Ace Ventura – Pet Detective, and Any Given Sunday were shot throughout Miami. Television shows, such as Miami Vice, Burn Notice, and CSI: Miami are largely shot throughout the city and its surrounding areas.
Miami Personal Injury Attorneys

The Miami personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon serve their clients in the following ways;

  • Miami personal injury attorney
  • Miami wrongful death lawyer
  • Car crash lawyer in Miami
  • Miami violent crime injury accident attorney
  • Slip and fall accident injury lawyer in Miami
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  • Miami intoxicated driver (DUI) car accident attorney
  • Motorcycle injury accident lawyer in Miami
  • Miami trip and fall injury accident lawyer
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  • Miami parking lot automobile accident attorney
  • Premises liability injury accident lawyer in Miami
  • Medical malpractice lawyer in Miami
  • Miami large truck injury accident lawyer
  • Elevator trip and fall accident lawyer in Miami
  • Product liability accident lawyer in Miami
  • Miami negligent security attorney
  • Uber car accident lawyer in Miami
  • Miami Lyft automobile accident attorney
Miami Personal Injury Attorneys

Victims who have been injured as the result of an accident are often hit with high medical bills or may be unable to work while they are recovering. They may not know where to turn or what help is available to them. No doubt they will want to find the best personal injury lawyer in Miami to help them. If they were in a car accident, then they will want to call the best car accident lawyer in Miami. If it was a slip and fall, then it makes sense that these victims would seek the advice of the best slip and fall attorney in Miami. But how do these victims find the best Miami personal injury law firm? It comes down to due diligence – research the firm; check out their reviews; and trust their instincts when they speak with the attorney.

For over 55 years, Wolfson & Leon has represented clients involved such injury accidents. Our Miami personal injury lawyers defend the rights of victims who have been injured in accidents, such as slip and fall premise liability claims, motor vehicle crashes, and medical malpractice suits. With offices located in Miami, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, the personal injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon works with their clients to receive the compensation they deserve to recover from their injuries.

We proudly serve the residents of Miami, as well as the surrounding cities of North Miami, Hialeah, Miami Gardens, Miami Lakes, Coral Gables, South Miami, and Miami Beach. If you of someone that you love has been injured an accident, contact the Miami accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon at (305) 285-1115 for a free consultation.

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