Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle accidents are often critical because the motorcyclist is exposed without the safety of a vehicle chassis. There is rarely a motorcycle accident that is not serious. Whether you drive a Harley-Davidson, Yamaha, Ducati, BMW or Honda, the danger is the same. Statistically speaking, most motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the motorcyclist. This is due to a number of factors, including visibility issues, failure to “look twice” and other drivers’ inattention.

Please contact your Miami motorcycle accident lawyer at Wolfson & Leon so that we can discuss whether these factors may be evident in your Miami motorcycle accident case.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws

There is little doubt among Miami motorcycle accident attorneys that fatalities increase in states that have no mandatory motorcycle helmet laws. Such is the case in Florida where the repeal of the mandatory helmet law was followed by an 81% increase in motorcycle accident fatalities. Florida’s law was repealed in 2000. Not only did the fatalities increase significantly in the years following, but the cost of medical care related to injuries due to motorcycle accidents more than doubled, even when adjusted for inflation. These statistics were specific to Florida, but similar results were found in studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the states of Kentucky which saw fatalities grow by more than fifty percent, and Louisiana where fatalities doubled following the repeal of mandatory laws for helmets.

Motorcycle Accidents At present twenty U.S. states and the District of Columbia all require riders of motorcycles to don protective helmets. In 1975 helmet laws were required in 47 of the states of the union. Deaths continue to increase each year in the United States, reaching over 4000 fatalities in the year 2003. In addition, thousands of motorcycle riders experience mild to severe injuries related to an accident on the motorcycle.

Miami Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Those who are injured in motorcycle accidents almost always have injuries that are more serious than other types of automobile accidents. These injuries include such things as a severe road rash, one or more broken bones, injuries to the brain including contusions and concussions, traumatic amputations, injuries to the neck or back, and partial or complete paralysis. Our motorcycle accident attorneys in Miami know that such accidents will often require a lengthy healing and recovery period and may even force acceptance of long term medical care. Wrongful death is a very real possibility in a motorcycle accident and our personal injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon stand ready to help you in any way possible.

Certainly financial assistance is usually required in such instances, and it’s important to get the best possible legal assistance to help you with the process of gaining recompense for the injuries, medical bills, and lost wages. Getting a motorcycle accident lawyer in Miami working on your case quickly may help to prevent poor decisions which result in less money to take care of the victim and family members in the future.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyers in Miami

Motorcycle riders tend to invest in protective clothing and headgear to protect them in the case of an accident, but a motorcycle wreck can exact terrible injuries on even the protected rider. Since there is little to cushion the rider from the impact with another vehicle and nothing to prevent the rider from being tossed from the bike or pinned under a motorcycle, head injuries and broken bones in the back and or limbs are quite common. Disfigurement in the form of scars, road rash, lacerations and dismemberment can happen in a motorcycle accident. Beyond the physical and emotional consequences, quality of life and peace of mind are also at risk. Miami Motorcycle Accident Attorneys will tell you that many motorcyclists who have been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident never ride again.

When you retain a motorcycle accident attorney at Wolfson & Leon, we strive to treat you with consideration and care. You were already victimized in the motorcycle accident so your choice of a motorcycle accident lawyer should not leave you feeling victimized again. Before you hire us, or anyone else, ask about their qualifications and results. Be informed before you make the important decision of who to hire as your Miami motorcycle accident lawyer.

In many instances, you need a competent attorney just be sure your rights as a victim are not violated because of the societal prejudice against those who ride motorcycles. While the statistics clearly show that most motorcycle crashes are caused by automobile drivers, most people blame motorcyclists for accidents. Our Miami motorcycle accident attorneys know about this prejudice. They prepare and strategize their motorcycle accident cases for litigation and trial to guard against this prejudice and bias against motorcycle riders so that full justice is obtained by settlement or verdict. No defendant deserves a discount because of a pre-conceived notion against motorcyclists. Prejudice and bias, for or against motorcycle riders, has no place in our system of justice.

The Miami Motorcycle Accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon will work to get you a fair offer. Our personal injury attorneys in Miami will implement the negotiations with insurance companies and inquire to make sure you are getting adequate medical treatment. Investigators associated with the legal firm will do their job in investigating the circumstances and cause of the accident that caused the injury.

Motorcycle Accident Experts

Experts will be retained and deployed by the personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon in Miami when necessary. The experts that our motorcycle accident lawyers use may include an accident reconstructionist who will investigate the scene where the motorcycle crash happened and make measurements to come up with opinions that can help win your case. Accident reconstruction experts are well versed in engineering, physics and the mechanics of motorcycles and vehicles. Some former traffic homicide investigators become accident reconstruction experts and bring their years of experience to the investigation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers find that juries are persuaded at trial when they hear about the number of accidents the investigator participated in during their career. Human factor experts are sometimes used by motorcycle accident lawyers to help juries understand reaction time and human tendencies. We will employ whatever type of expert that is necessary to allow us to aggressively pursue justice for you.

Miami Motorcycle Accident Settlements and Verdicts

Once a determination is made on the long-term status of the victim medically, the motorcycle accident attorney submits a demand package to the insurance company with medical reports, medical bills, expert reports and proof of lost wages. The demand will also explain the facts of the motorcycle accident and the impact on our client and their family. The victim or family members are kept apprised of any settlement offers and recommendations are made to either accept the offer, file a lawsuit to collect damages or continue negotiating with the insurance company. That decision always belongs to and stays with the client. No exceptions – ever.

If you are not satisfied with the insurance company’s offer to settle your case, our motorcycle accident attorneys in Miami can file a lawsuit on your behalf and aggressively represent you. If the case needs to go to trial, then Wolfson & Leon motorcycle accident attorneys in Miami will take your case to trial. Your motorcycle accident case can be resolved by settlement at mediation or by a jury verdict. No matter what – the decision is yours.

Miami Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you or someone you love was injured in any type of motorcycle accident, turn to our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys in Miami today for assistance in filing a case and recovering damages for your pain and suffering. The Miami motorcycle accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon are dedicated to making certain that you and your family receive the justice, money damages and medical care you deserve. Call us now at (305) 285-1115 for a free consultation and to discuss your rights as a motorcycle rider in as much detail as you require.

Attorney Jonah Wolfson
Attorney Jonah M. Wolfson

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