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Slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries. Broken bones, head injuries, or trauma to the neck or back are common injuries that can require extensive medical treatment. This can leave the injured person with costly medical bills. What many people don’t realize is that if they fell at a store, restaurant, or another establishment, they may be able to file a case to recover damages to pay for this. If you were hurt by someone else’s negligence, why should you have to foot the bill?

Injured slip and fall victims may be entitled to monetary damages to pay for their medical bills. Jamaicans who were injured in slip and fall accidents should speak with a Miami slip and fall attorney. Our bilingual attorneys are available to answer your questions and review the merits of your accident. If you were hurt and don’t know what the next step is, call Wolfson & Leon at 305-285-1115 today for your no-cost consultation.

Top Myths About Slip and Fall Accidents

Statistics show that slip and fall accidents send over 1 million people to the emergency room every year, yet there are far fewer cases filed. There are many myths around slip and fall accidents. Some of the top myths that discourage people from seeking to recover monetary damages include;

  • It was an accident – why should someone else have to pay? Property owners have a responsibility to maintain a safe environment for visitors. If they don’t keep the property in good working order, their failure to act may be the reason that you were hurt. If they were negligent in their responsibilities, you should not have to bear the financial burden of high medical bills and lost wages if you can’t work.
  • Settle fast - It can be tricky to predict the extent of your injuries and the time you need to recover. Your injury may not respond as quickly to medical treatment or you may need bedrest that originally anticipated. Insurance companies want to settle quickly to minimize the amount of money they have to pay out. If you settle on your own too early, you may be missing out on much needed monetary damages if you injuries require more treatment or rehabilitation.
  • You can only recover damages for physical injuries – Florida allows for economic and non-economic damages. Not only can you receive compensation to pay for medical bills, but you may also be able to recover damages for wages that you lost when you couldn’t work, mental anguish, or the loss of capacity to enjoy neveryday activities.
  • No evidence – People that slip and fall may be embarrassed by the accident and just leave. If they start feeling pain afterward, they may go to the doctor for help. Since they didn’t stop to gather information when they fell, they may believe that they don’t have a case.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident at a commercial establishment, you should consult with a personal injury lawyer to understand what your rights are. You shouldn’t have to pay the price if you were hurt due to someone else’s negligence.

Jamaicans Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident

Set in the Caribbean ocean, Jamaica is a small island with almost 3 million residents. With its laid-back lifestyle and miles of white sandy beaches, this island oasis attracts over 4 million tourists each year. Jamaica is best known for reggae music, its spicy hot jerk cuisine, and its lively culture.

Jamaican residents and visitors seek help from Wolfson & Leon when they’ve been injured in a car crash. Our bilingual attorneys work with injured victims in a variety of ways such as;

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Miami Slip and Fall Attorney for Jamaicans

Jamaicans who were hurt in a slip and fall accident at a local business may be entitled to monetary damages to help pay for medical bills. If you aren’t sure if you have a case or just don’t know what to do next, speak with our bilingual Miami slip and fall lawyers. We will review your case for free and let you know what options may be available to you. Call Wolfson & Leon today at 305-285-1115.

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I was rear-ended on my motorcycle by a distracted driver. I broke my leg, lost two fingers and my entire life changed. I searched Google and came upon Jonah Wolfson. His reviews were quite impressive. Within five months, my case was entirely settled. JONAH IS A BULLDOG WHO WILL REPRESENT YOU AND BE BY YOUR SIDE UNTIL THE BITTER END. HE TRULY CARES ABOUT YOU AND WILL ADVOCATE FOR YOU WITH HIS TEAM. Thank you for helping get me through this with compassion, honor and stealth. You are my hero Mr. Wolfson. God bless you! Cindy
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Wolfson & Leon took my case and did everything they said they were going to do followed up with me to let me know what was going on and were very professional and were able to win me a larger settlement then I anticipated. I give them five stars for excellent representation. Russ