Miami Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

Miami is known for its abundance of beautifully crafted golf courses. You can spend the day playing golf at such memorable courses as the Miami Beach Golf Club, Normandy Shores Golf Club, or Crandon Golf at Key Biscayne.

Most golfers rely on carts to get around the course. With the sunny skies and mild weather, driving around the course in a golf cart becomes much more enjoyable. Yet many of us don't realize that traveling in a golf cart can be dangerous. Without windows, sides, or a durable frame, people can be badly hurt if the cart tips over or rushes down a hill. Since golf carts often share private roads and parking lots with motor vehicles, riders can get seriously injured by the negligence or recklessness of the car's driver.

If you have been gravely injured, you should speak to a best Miami golf cart accident lawyer as quickly as possible. You could recover compensation to pay for your ongoing medical treatment. You could be reimbursed for wages lost when recovering from a golf cart accident.

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Miami Golf Cart Accidents

When on the golf course, the owner and operator have a duty to ensure that their property is in a safe condition. Suppose the course has poorly paved roads or has not been appropriately maintained. In that case, the golf course may be held responsible for injuries incurred if a golf cart tips over or rushes down a hill or incline.

If you rent a golf cart from the course, the owner or operator should ensure that it is in good working condition and properly maintained. If the golf course owner or operator fails to inspect the cart before it is used, they could be liable for injuries sustained if the cart is not working properly. Or, if the golf course company asks an employee who is unqualified to inspect the cart before it is rented, they may also be held responsible if someone gets hurt.

Miami Golf Cart Accident Injuries

Golf cart accidents can result in severe injuries to anyone riding in the cart. No sides and a flimsy frame offer little protection if the cart is hit, rolls over, or rushes down a hill. Since most carts aren't equipped with seat belts, occupants can easily be thrown from or fall out of a golf cart.

You may walk away with minor cuts and bruises if you get hurt while riding on a golf cart. But riders who fall out or are thrown from a golf cart can suffer a traumatic brain injury if they hit their head on pavement, curbs, or another solid surface. If the cart tips or rolls over, passengers could be crushed by its weight. A rider could suffer from road burns, spinal cord damage, deep lacerations, and broken bones if they are thrown from the cart.

If you were involved in a golf cart accident, you should seek medical care immediately. While the accident may not seem serious when it happens, you may have hit your head or broken a bone without realizing it. You could worsen your injuries if you wait to get checked out.

Why Call a Miami Golf Cart Accident Law Firm?

People involved in a golf cart accident may not know they have rights if someone else's negligent or reckless behavior caused their injuries. Golf cart accident victims may think the accident is their fault and don't pursue legal advice about their rights. Or people may think they cannot afford to get legal help when they have been hurt.

When you are in pain and recovering from your injuries, the last thing you want to do is fight with the golf course or their insurance company to get paid. Plus, if you don't have the money to pay for legal help, you may avoid getting help to protect your rights.

At Wolfson & Leon, we understand the struggles our clients face when they have been gravely injured in a golf cart accident. We provide a free and confidential case evaluation so that you know your rights and what legal options may be available to recover damages. And if we decide to pursue a lawsuit, our Miami golf cart accident attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. So, you only pay for our legal services if we settle your account.

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