Sideswipe and Merging Car Accidents

Miami Car Accident Lawyers and Sideswipe Crashes

Sideswipe Crashes and Merging As cars in Miami move in every direction, space becomes limited. Everyone is in a rush to get somewhere and they drive like every inch counts. There is an old joke in Miami - “I am sorry I am late but the car in front of me had a bike rack”. One of the more common type of serious car accidents in Miami involves lane changes and sideswipe car accidents.

The Miami car accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon have represented folks injured in sideswipe, lane change and merging car accidents. Sideswipe accidents can happen suddenly and cause serious injury or even fatalities. Figuring out fault in a typical Miami sideswipe accident can be complicated because determining the responsibility of each driver requires an in-depth investigation.

Our Miami car accident attorneys use investigators and accident reconstruction experts to make sure that we get the facts upon which we can build your case. If you were involved in a sideswipe car accident in Miami and you were hurt, call the Miami personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon for a confidential, bilingual and free consultation. All you need to do is call (305) 285-1115 and our Miami car accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys will get to work for you right away.

Causes of Sideswipe Car Accidents in Miami

Miami is a crowded and growing place. Our highways, expressways and parkways are congested at all hours of the day and night. The main roads of Miami include:

  • I-95
  • Dolphin Expressway (836)
  • Palmetto Expressway (826)
  • Gratigny Parkway
  • Florida Turnpike
  • Biscayne Boulevard
  • Dixie Highway
  • Don Shula Expressway

Sideswipe accidents can happen in a variety of ways. Our Miami car accident lawyers look for the cause of sideswipe accident to assist them in determining the cause of the auto accident. In our experience, the causes of sideswipe accidents include:

  • Blind Spots – Many sideswipe accidents are caused by a driver not checking before changing lanes or merging into traffic. The blind spot is that spot a driver does not see the other car in the mirrors or in their peripheral vision. The driver thinks it the lane is clear to merge or change into but it isn’t. Unless the driver can alert the merging driver or brake successfully, an accident is likely to happen.

  • Distracted Drivers – Drivers can be distracted by other passengers or cell phones. If a driver’s attention is not devoted to driving safely, then they are likely to miss the clues that they are improperly merging or even the existence of another vehicle in their path.

  • Drunk or Impaired Drivers – Obviously impaired drivers are a danger to us all. Drunk drivers are not in possession of their faculties. Their perception and judgement are impaired. Impaired drunk drivers can fail to correctly estimate their own abilities. These drivers are also likely to speed which can lead to serious and catastrophic injuries in a car crash.

  • Aggressive Driving – We all know that aggressive driving is on the increase in Miami and all throughout South Florida. Some drivers approach driving as a competitive blood sport. Our Miami car accident lawyers see the results. After distraction or inattention, aggressive driving is one of the leading causes of car wrecks in Miami.

  • Unfamiliarity – Miami has a lot of tourists and visitors who come from not only other states but from other countries. Everyone is comfortable driving at home. But when they are in a new location or city they may not understand the local habits, customs or even the rules of the road. Confusion is one thing but when a driver is confused at 55 miles per hour the chances of an accident increase exponentially.

  • Age and Experience – Young drivers lack experience but have plenty of physical abilities. Elderly drivers have the experience but can have diminished reactions and abilities. In most circumstances, younger and older drivers do fine. But when speed is involved and critical decision making is required, accidents can happen to even the best of drivers. Merging into traffic, changing lanes and making turns into oncoming traffic demand quick thinking, reflexes and experience. Sometimes sideswipe car accidents in Miami are caused by the age and experience of the drivers involved.

As stated, determining who is at fault in a Miami sideswipe accident can be complex. Most drivers believe the other driver caused the accident. Then you have the insurance companies who know the arguments and strategies to spread the fault so that they can reduce the ultimate amount that they pay. If you are involved in a sideswipe car accident in Miami, you should speak with a Miami car accident attorney.

What Are The Sideswipe And Merging car Crashes?

A sideswipe accident happens when two cars that are traveling in the same direction bump into each other. This may be the case when a driver isn't paying attention and drifts into another lane or when a driver changes lane without looking. A sideswipe accident may also happen when a car is merging onto a road or highway as they may hit a vehicle traveling in the lane that they are trying to enter. Poor weather may also play a role if a driver slides into another path due to a slippery roadway.

Where Do Sideswiping Car Accidents Happen?

Sideswiping accidents can happen anywhere. They are common on busy streets where cars may frequently change lanes to go to the stores or other establishments that line the road. Sideswiping may also occur on highways. Cars that merge onto a busy road may not see a car next to them as they enter. Cars that speed or weave in and out of traffic may also cause sideswiping crashes. Another common sideswipe accident may happen if a vehicle changes lane in front of another car without leaving enough room for them.

Who Is at-Fault In A Sideswipe Accident?

When a driver changes their lane, they must ensure that they can do so safely. They should check their mirrors and visually look at the car's blind spots. The driver should also use their turn signals. Typically, the driver who changes lanes is considered at-fault for a sideswipe accident. However, it is not always obvious who the at-fault driver is. In some cases, both cars may have drifted toward each other, or the other vehicle was driving in the blind spot. This could mean that both drivers share some of the responsibility for the crash.

How Do I Find The Best Sideswipe And Merging Accident And Injury Lawyer In Miami?

You can find the best sideswipe and merging accident lawyer by doing your homework. Speak with personal injury attorneys who are qualified and experienced in this area of law. Ask about their success rate and how they will build and defend your case. Are they willing to use experts if your lawsuit needs it? Talk to them about the process of filing a lawsuit and what you may be able to recover for damages. Find out how you will work with their team, and if you'll be dealing with the attorney or their staff. To find the best sideswipe and merging accident lawyer, you need to select one that you are comfortable working with.

Miami Car Accident Lawyers and Personal Injury Attorneys

At Wolfson & Leon in Miami, our lawyers will fight for you. We will aggressively pursue the full, fair and complete compensation that you deserve. If you were injured in a sideswipe car accident in Miami, call us at (305) 285-1115 for your free consultation. We can come to you or you can visit us at our office at 3399 SW 3d Avenue in Miami, Florida.

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