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Millions of people flock to Miami yearly for its warm, tropical weather. The sunny skies and pristine beaches draw more than just tourists, as Miami-Dade boasts almost 2.7 million residents.

Despite the allure of warm weather throughout the year, Florida's tropical climate can turn harsh in just minutes. Afternoon thunderstorms, heavy rains, tropical storms, and hurricanes bring extreme and dangerous weather. Whether commuting to work or sightseeing, road conditions can quickly worsen with bad weather.

While slippery roads, standing water, and limited visibility can make roads dangerous, drivers must exercise care when operating their vehicles. The driver stays responsible for the safe operation of their car; that doesn’t change when it rains outside. Even when road conditions are treacherous, a driver could be negligent if they speed or fail to follow the road rules.

If you were seriously injured in a Miami bad weather crash, you should speak with a best Miami car accident lawyer about your rights. While harsh weather may play a role in the accident, driver negligence may have contributed to the crash. Knowing what your compensation rights are when severely injured in a Miami dangerous weather crash can be crucial,

How Common are Bad Weather Car Accidents?

Based on vehicle crash data between 2007 and 2016, the U.S. Department of Transportation reports an average of 5.8 million car accidents occur nationwide annually. Nearly 21% of these car crashes involved hazardous weather conditions yearly.

Rain and wet pavement are among the top conditions contributing to bad-weather car crashes in the country. A driver could quickly lose control of their vehicle on a slippery road, hitting another car, guardrail, or even a pedestrian if they cannot stop.

Blinding rain can limit a driver’s visibility, making it hard to see vehicles, pedestrians, or other obstacles in the road. When the car, barrier, or person comes into view, the driver may not have enough time to react. Wet roads also interfere with the driver's ability to stop quickly.

Common Miami Bad Weather Car Crashes

Treacherous road conditions can lead to serious, even deadly, crashes. Some of the most common ways a Miami harsh weather car accident can happen include:

  • Intersection accidents: Red lights and stop signs may be difficult to see during heavy thunderstorms. A driver could inadvertently drive into the path of cross-traffic and be hit in the front or side of their vehicle. Or the driver could T-Bone another car passing by in front of them. Drivers swaying to avoid the crash could lose control, hitting other cars or obstacles around them.
  • Oncoming traffic: When a driver's visibility is limited, or rainwater accumulates on the street, it may be difficult to see the designated lane markings on the road. A driver who could drift into oncoming traffic drivers may be unable to see the markings representing their lane.
  • Hydroplaning: Cars can hydroplane when their tires lose traction on wet roads. The driver could lose control and hit other cars around them. Hydroplaning can be especially treacherous if cars hydroplane into intersections and crosswalks.
  • Rear-end crashes: It can take longer to stop when roads are wet. A driver could hit a car sitting at a red light or stop sign. Sometimes, the crash's impact could push the stopped vehicle into the path of cross-traffic. Other drivers who slow down due to rainy conditions could also be hit from behind by a car traveling faster.
  • Excessive speed: When the weather is terrible, drivers should adjust their travel speed accordingly.
Am I Entitled to Compensation in Bad Weather Car Accidents?

Poor weather conditions can make it more common for car accidents to happen. Yet even when the weather is bad outside, drivers are still expected to operate their vehicles safely. When drivers don’t exercise the appropriate level of care during dangerous weather, they could cause significant injury to others on the road.

Beyond the heavy rain and dark skies, a Miami car accident attorney may consider what role speed, distractions, or careless driving played in the crash. If you suffered serious injuries due to driver negligence, you could be compensated for the cost you incurred for your medical treatment and care. When the damage is so extensive that you cannot work, you could be reimbursed for wages lost during your recovery.

Sometimes, the injuries that victims suffer extend beyond the cost of medical care or lost wages. The physical pain you endure during rehabilitation, inability to do certain physical activities you once enjoyed, fear, and depression are types of non-economic costs you may be compensated for when severely hurt.

Compensation for pain and suffering is highly subjective. Every case is unique. Courts often consider multiple factors when calculating pain and suffering damages, such as degree of injury, how long it takes to recover, medical care needed, and the impact on the victim's life.

Why Call a Miami Bad Weather Accident Lawyer?

If driver negligence resulted in a severe car crash that has affected your life, seeking legal help can be critical to protecting your rights. A best Miami severe weather accident lawyer can review the merits of your case and talk with you about the possibility of recovering compensation when you are seriously hurt. Find out how the Miami poor weather car accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon may help when you have been seriously injured by calling 305-285-1115 today.

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