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Costco Pharmacy Error Accident While pharmacists are educated and experienced professionals, they can make mistakes. Overworked during peak times, pharmacists may rely on lesser trained staff to help them complete their jobs. Prescription medication is powerful as it is designed to fight viruses, disease, and relieve pain. As such, patients that are given the wrong medication, wrong dosage, or are not informed properly how to take the prescription can be severely injured.

In some cases, errors can occur due to a pharmacy’s failure to follow their own compliance and control measures when filling prescriptions. This was the case in 2017, as Costco agreed to settle a lawsuit for $11.75 million. The suit alleged that some controlled substance prescriptions were filled improperly, failure to verify that the issuing practitioner had the appropriate DEA code before dispensing the medication, and filling prescriptions that were incomplete.

The failure of a pharmacy to comply with external agencies and follow its own internal control processes can result in prescription errors not being caught before the medication is given out. If you have been the victim of a Costco Pharmacy medication error, contact the personal injury lawyers at the Wolfson Law Firm. Our Costco pharmacy error accident attorneys can provide a free and confidential review of your situation. Call (305) 285-1115 today.

Who is Costco?

Based in Issaquah, Washington, Costco is a membership-only warehouse store that, in addition to selling food, clothing, and household goods, offers pharmacies onsite in 435 of their stores located throughout the US. Although its origins date back to 1976 when Sol Price founded the first Price Club, the first Costco store was opened in 1983. Both entities later merged in 1993. Currently, there are 527 Costco stores across the nation. Employing 1,021 pharmacists, Costco offers customers a fast and easy way to fill their prescriptions.

Who is Filling My Prescription?

Pharmacists are educated and trained professionals that fill prescriptions and provide patients with necessary information to properly take their medication. Pharmacies are often staffed with chief or staff pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, or nurse practitioners. After completing their undergraduate degrees, the upper level coursework required to become a Doctor of Pharmacy, or Pharm.D, usually takes an additional four years. In some cases, a subsequent residency or fellowship may be required for an additional one to two years.

Even with extensive schooling and years of experience, pharmacists can make mistakes. Heavy workloads, inadequately trained staff, inventory errors, and poor lighting can contribute to pharmacy errors. In some cases, pharmacists rely on the help of technicians or other staff to help key information into the computer and fill prescriptions. For a busy pharmacy, this can be a regular occurrence during peak times of the day. Pharmacies typically have controls in place which require a pharmacist to verify that the prescription was properly filled before it is dispensed to a patient.

Costco Pharmacy Medication Mistake Accident Lawyers

Consult our Costco pharmacy medication error lawyers if you have sustained an injury from a prescribed medication error. We represent clients who have been injured due to prescription mistakes including:

  • Attorney for injury sustained by a Costco pharmacist dispensing the wrong medication
  • Costco pharmacy prescription dosage mistake leading to injury lawyer
  • Incorrect medication labeling error made by a Costco pharmacy accident attorney
  • Lawyer for injury incurred due to the failure to provide complete prescription directions by a Costco pharmacy
  • Dispensing medication that patients are allergic to by a Costco pharmacy injury lawyer
  • Overdose injury caused by a prescribed medication error by a Costco pharmacist
  • Attorney for patient injured due to failure to advise prescription side-effects by a Costco pharmacy
  • Injured patient who received someone else’s prescription medication from a Costco pharmacy
Costco Pharmacy Prescription Mistake Injury Lawyers

Patients who have been injured by a Costco pharmacy making a mistake with their medication contact the Wolfson Law Firm for help. Our Costco pharmacy injury attorneys help you to build a case and represent your rights against Costco pharmacies and their legal team. Prescription error cases can be difficult to prove and require the expertise of a personal injury attorney to help recover the cost of medical bills and lost wages. Contact the Wolfson Law Firm today if you or someone you love has been a victim of a Costco pharmacy prescription mistake. We provide a free and confidential review of your situation and have offices in Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, West Palm beach and Miami. Call the Florida personal injury attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm today at (305) 285-1115.

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