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Drunk Driving Accidents It is unbelievable how many drivers have been fined due to driving under influence, yet how common these wrongdoings persist. It seems that fines and penalties influence very few drivers, since many repeat the same misdemeanor repeatedly. As if penalties are not harsh enough, hundreds of people are getting injured and killed on Florida roads and streets every day due to drivers’ impairment caused by substances. Too many people are becoming DUI victims on regular basis, and if you and your loved ones are among them, you should know that you may be entitled to recover for your harms and losses in more than one way.

The Bureau of Victim Compensation is one of the roads that lead to financial recovery. If your case meets the requirements set by the Bureau, they can help pay for your medical and non-medical bills related to the accident, as well as lost earnings.

Another option is initiating a civil lawsuit against the liable driver or a third person. It’s important to note that if the DUI accident resulted in charges, you don’t have to wait for the criminal procedure to end. You can initiate a civil lawsuit right away, since there are laws that hold the driver and third persons liable even without criminal conviction. To make sure that you can start with it right away, contact our Florida DUI victim compensation lawyers at the Wolfson Law Firm. We never charge you a fee unless we make a recovery for you. We also offer free and confidential consultations so call us with your questions at (305) 285-1115.

DUI Driver Liability

Determination of driver’s liability in a DUI accident largely depends on his or her level of intoxication. If the concentration of alcohol is higher than allowed or there is presence of illegal substances, the driver can be held responsible in both criminal and civil court. However, in driving accidents, the driver who’s committing the offense might share the responsibility with the victim of the accident. If you, as a victim, have not respected some traffic law and that contributed for the accident to occur, then you’ll get part of the liability for the event. An example of this is the situation when you pass on red light and get hit by a driver under influence. It’s true that the driver has hit you and injured you, but it’s also a fact that the accident wouldn’t have happened if you respected the red light.

Third Person’s Liability

DUI victims have the right to claim damages from third parties under certain circumstances. According to Florida Dram Shop laws, an establishment that served alcohol to the driver might share a portion of the responsibility. If a bar serves a driver with alcohol, no matter if they knew about his intentions to drive, they may be liable for contributing toward the causes of the DUI accident. Moreover, if they served a minor who drives, or someone known to be a habitual alcohol abuser, the server can also be liable. The DUI Victim Compensation Lawyers at the Wolfson Law Firm can review the specific factors of your case and advise you as to whether some third party might share the responsibility for your injuries.

Proving Liability

Proving driver’s liability in a DUI accident can be straightforward as these accidents usually follow a similar pattern. However, as we explained above, things get complicated if the victim or third person is involved in causes of the accident. Determining who was responsible and to what extent requires certain expertise and experience on the issue, and that’s why it’s in your best interest to contact a Florida DUI victim compensation lawyer before trying to take any further step. In many civil lawsuits arising out of a DUI accident, the injured plaintiff may be entitled to claim punitive damages against the DUI criminal defendant. Again, based on the facts of your accident, our Miami DUI victim lawyers can investigate your case and provide you with your options to recover your damages.

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