What Should I Do if Uber Driver Refuses to Call Police After an Accident?

A businessman called for an Uber driver on Brickell Avenue in Miami on Valentine’s Day. The Uber driver pulled up in his Jeep Cherokee. The businessman got in the back and said hello. The Uber driver greeted the businessman and accelerated from the curb. Unfortunately, the Uber driver was looking at his phone and rear-ended a Range Rover at a high rate of speed less than one minute after the businessman got into the Uber vehicle.

The businessman slammed into the passenger seat and injured both of his knees. He told the Uber driver that he was injured. But the Uber driver ignored him and got out of the car to speak with the owner of the Range Rover. After a few minutes, the businessman got out of the Uber car and went to pick with the drivers. He asked the Uber driver if he had called the police. The Uber driver said that he did not; that he was going to pay for the Range Rover’s property damage out of his own pocket; and not to worry because he canceled the businessman’s ride.

Thankfully, the businessman insisted on getting photographs of the Uber driver’s license and also took photos of the property damage and the tag numbers of both vehicles involved in the accident. That did not stop the Uber driver from leaving the businessman at the scene of the accident.

The businessman called for another Uber driver and took that ride safely to his next destination. Ironically, Uber sent him an email confirming the charge of five dollars for the ride when he was injured. He immediately disputed the charge and told Uber that he had been involved in an accident and that the Uber driver refused to call the police. He also advised Uber that he had been injured and that he was not paying the five-dollar charge for the ride canceled by the Uber driver who left him at the scene of the accident.

He was smart enough to call the Uber car accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon and he also reported the accident to Uber through his app. Our Uber injury attorneys were able to help businessman in reporting the car accident as well as getting proper documentation of his injuries.

Initially, the businessman was quite concerned that Uber would deny that the accident even took place. It was helpful that he took photographs of the license plates, drivers licenses and property damage. On the advice of our Uber accident lawyers in Miami, the businessman also went to the city of Miami Police Department and obtained a Delayed Accident Report form. Once he had this form, the businessman was able to write out all the facts and information that he had concerning the accident involving the Uber driver. Once you finish the form you mailed it to the state agency in Tallahassee.

In addition to filing the Delayed Accident Report, the businessman and his Uber accident lawyer in Miami immediately placed Uber on notice of the facts of the accident. They advised Uber when and where the accident took place: the name of the Uber driver: and that the businessman’s knees were injured and he required medical attention.

To Uber’s credit, they responded to the businessman in less than 24 hours. They told the businessman that Uber was refunding the charge for the ride that resulted in the accident as well as the ride that followed. Uber also confirmed that they had notified their insurance carrier who would be in touch with the businessman within the next few days. The insurance carrier, James River Insurance, called and emailed the businessman within 24 hours.

We’re happy to report that our client is now getting the medical care that he needed for the injuries sustained in the Uber accident in Miami. Our Uber car accident attorneys will now help him pursue his claim for compensation once is medical treatment has been completed.

What to Do After Uber Accident When Uber Driver Refuses to Call the Police

If you are involved in an accident with an Uber driver, then it is extremely important that you make sure to properly document all of the facts surrounding your accident. The easiest way to do this is to call the police and ask that they respond to the scene. If the Uber driver, like the example above, decides to work it out with the other driver and cancels the passengers ride only to drive off then you have several options:

  • If you are seriously injured call 911. If you need to be seen by fire rescue were taken to an emergency room, then you should insist on the medical care that you need. If you are not incapacitated and do not want to be taken to an emergency room, then you should definitely be checked out at an urgent care facility or emergency room as soon as practicable following the accident.
  • You can call the police yourself and ask that they meet you at the scene of the accident. If you are an Uber passenger and the Uber driver leaves the scene, then you should tell the investigating officer exactly what happened. If you are injured or need to be checked out medically, then you should also advise the investigating officer of that fact as well.
  • You can also collect all the necessary information at the accident and pick up a Delayed Accident Report at your local police station and file the report yourself. You should also follow up with Uber and put them on notice as soon as possible that you were involved in an accident with one of their drivers and that you need medical care and treatment.
  • Whether you call the police to the scene or file your own report, you should also place your own insurance company on notice of the fact that you are involved in a car accident. You may need to take advantage of your PIP coverage or Medical Payments coverage. There is also a possibility that you may need to present a claim for uninsured or underinsured motorists benefits. The key thing to remember is that you may not be able to take advantage of any of your own insurance coverage unless you promptly report the accident to the insurance company. If you fail to report the accident, the company might deny coverage claiming that they were prejudiced by her late reporting.
  • After you make sure that the accident has been properly documented and that the insurance companies have been placed on notice, then you need to follow the medical advice and recommendations of your healthcare provider.
  • Lastly, you should find the best Uber accident lawyer in Miami, Broward or West Palm Beach who can help you achieve and obtain a full, complete and satisfactory settlement and/or compensation for your injuries and damages.
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