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Lowe’s is a popular warehouse-style store that caters to customers interested in do-it-yourself home improvement projects, repairs, and gardening. With over 120 stores in Florida, you can find Lowe’s in big cities around the state, including Fort Myers, Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa.

Were you severely injured shopping at a Florida Lowe’s store? Did you slip on a wet floor or trip while walking through the parking lot? Were you hit by falling merchandise as you walked through the aisle? An accident at your local Lowe’s home improvement store can leave you with serious injuries that could take days or weeks to recover from. Sometimes, the damage caused by a Florida Lowe’s accident is so severe it can affect your quality of life.

Knowing your legal rights is critical when you are seriously hurt shopping at Lowe’s or any other large warehouse store. The high cost of medical care can severely strain your family’s finances. And if your injuries keep you from returning to work, you cannot pay your rent or buy groceries. When you are seriously hurt shopping at Lowe’s or any other large warehouse store, knowing your legal rights is critical.  of medical care can severely strain your family’s finances. And if your injuries keep you from returning to work, you cannot pay your rent or buy groceries. When you are seriously hurt shopping at Lowe’s or any other large warehouse store, knowing what your legal rights are is critical.

At Wolfson & Leon, our Florida personal injury lawyers vigorously defend the rights of people injured in accidents at Lowe’s and other large retailers. W We understand the physical and financial stress a severe accident has on people when they get hurt. We work tirelessly to get the best compensation possible to help pay for your medical care and replace your lost income.

Lowe’s Home Improvement Store Injury Accident

Whether you plan a big home improvement project or a minor repair, you will likely find what you need at your local Lowe’s store. This warehouse-style store sells a variety of paint, lumber, gardening, tools, and other home improvement supplies. You can even buy appliances and other big-ticket items at your Florida Lowe’s home improvement store.

Despite the array of products and convenient locations throughout Florida, shoppers may be unaware of the dangers within their local Lowe’s store. Managers and owners have a responsibility to keep their stores safe for customers. But when they neglect this duty, a shopper could be seriously hurt.

Some of the most frequent Florida Lowe’s accidents result from:

  • Falling merchandise: Lowe’s warehouse design often stacks products high on shelves. When products aren’t securely stacked, a heavy object could strike a customer on the head, shoulders, or back.
  • Trips and falls: Shoppers can trip and fall on uneven pavement or when different types of flooring are used throughout the store. A customer could trip over a hose or objects in the aisle in the garden section.
  • Faulty equipment: Instead of buying your own equipment, you might rent a machine or tool from Lowe’s. Yet if the device or instrument is broken or improperly maintained, you could be seriously hurt if it malfunctions or breaks.
  • Slips and falls: You could lose your footing if you step on a floor that is wet from rainwater, spilled drinks, or leaking chemicals.
  • Displays: A display that isn’t adequately constructed or is top-heavy could fall over onto a shopper. Shelves, appliances, and other heavy merchandise that are not secured could strike someone if it falls over.
  • Parking lot accidents: The Lowe’s parking lot can see a fair amount of daily activity. Delivery and large pickup trucks can block a driver’s view, making it hard to see pedestrians walking through the parking lot. The paint used to define parking spaces, loading zones, and crosswalks can become slippery when it rains outside.
Injured at a Florida Lowe’s Home Improvement Store?

While Lowe’s may be the place to fill your home improvement needs, the considerable number of customers, heavy objects, and dangerous merchandise can result in devastating injuries.

  • You could experience a traumatic brain injury if you suffer a blow to the head if you fall or are hit by a heavy object.
  • A slip or trip and fall inside the store or parking lot could cause broken bones, torn ligaments, neck or back injuries, or pulled muscles.
  • Using faulty or broken equipment may cause electrocution, disfigurement, or deep cuts and lacerations.
  • Shoppers could be hit by cars or trucks as they walk through the parking lot.

When you are seriously hurt in a Florida Lowe’s accident, you should take immediate steps to get the medical attention needed. Even if the accident was minor and your injuries don’t seem that bad, you should still get yourself checked out.

Lowe’s Accident Injury Law Firm in Florida

You could be approached by a Lowe’s attorney or insurance company with a settlement offer. Getting the money to pay for your care and bills sounds good when you are seriously hurt. But make no mistake, that quick settlement offer from Lowe’s may have less to do with your well-being and more with keeping costs low.

To protect your finances, speak with the best Florida Lowe’s accident lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled Florida personal injury lawyer can evaluate the legal merits of your claim and let you know what options you may have to recover damages. You could be entitled to recover far more damages than what you are offered. Yet once you agree to their settlement, chances are you won’t be able to ask for more.

Wolfson & Leon helps people seriously hurt shopping at Lowe’s and other retailers recover compensation to pay for the medical care they need. From your initial consultation until settlement, Wolfson & Leon stays on your case. We take all steps necessary to defend your rights, whether in court or at the settlement table.

Find out how the Florida Lowe’s accident injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon can help you by calling 305-285-1115 today.

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