The Dangers of Power Tools

dangerous power toolsPower tools make our lives easier. Table and power saws, electric screwdrivers, and battery operated drills allow us to do our work faster and easier.

However, power tools can pose a significant danger to those using them, as well as those around them. Tools which such power are meant to cut through extremely hard surfaces, such as concrete, steel, and granite. As such, they need to be powerful and sharp. It’s no wonder that there are approximately 400,000 visits to the emergency room in the US every year as the result of power tool injuries.

Power tools that cause injury

While injury can result if you are using a traditional hammer or screwdriver, power tools have a unique propensity to cause injury. Fast moving blades, heavy equipment, electrical components, and flying debris can result in serious, even fatal, injury to both the user as well as those around them. Some of the most common power tools that cause injury include;

Electrical tools: Electric screwdrivers, drills, table saws, and other such equipment can cause injury by how quickly they move. In addition, continued usage can wear down cords and plugs, which can result in electric shocks when using the equipment. Using electrical equipment on an elevation, such as a roof, can result in a fall if the equipment produces a shock, knocking the person down.

Hydraulic tools: Hydraulic tools, such as car jacks, can cause injury if they lose their hydraulic functions. In the case of a car jack, this can result in a car crashing down on whomever is below it.

Compressed air tools: Drills wood chippers, and sanders are often power by compressed air. The sheer pressure of using compressed air can result in hoses that are used to hook the equipment up flying off and hitting someone. They also present tripping hazards as they rely on hoses to run the machines.

Gasoline or other fuel-powered tools: Saws that cut through concrete and chain saws are often powered by gasoline. Gasoline, especially in small enclosed places, can give off dangerous fumes such as carbon monoxide. If the area is not ventilated properly it can lead to significant damage. Gasoline is also combustible – if it is used near an open flame, it can cause a fire or explosion.

Abrasive tools: These tools use a force to grind down, polish, or buff a surface. They often use a wheel as part of a tool, which can result in small and large debris flying around while in use. Small pieces can hit the eyes or other parts of the body.

Top Reasons for Power Tool Injuries

Power tool accidents and injuries can occur for many reasons. These include;

  • Lack of experience when using the tool
  • Not paying attention while the machine is in motion
  • Lack of training
  • Design or manufacturing defects

Power tool injuries can also occur as the result of other action going on around you. If you are working on a construction site and something falls above, you may either get hit by the flying object, you may divert your eyes, or you may react out of instinct, forgetting that are operating a piece of dangerous equipment. Injuries can also occur, especially on construction sites, if debris or electrical cords are laying around which may cause a tripping hazard. Improperly marked sites may result in sawing or drilling through areas that have live wires.

Legal remedies for power tool accidents in Florida

Depending up on the nature of the accident, there may be different legal courses of action that an injured party can take. You may also have recourse against multiple parties, instead of just one.

Third Party: If you were injured as a result of the actions of a third party, you will need to prove that they were negligent when using their equipment. The factors that are considered when evaluating a case of this nature include:

  • The third party has the responsibility to ensure that the tool is working properly
  • If the third party has not ensured that the tool is adequately working, this may be considered negligence
  • This negligence caused the injury
  • You suffered an injury that will result in compensatory damages.

Design and Manufacturing Defects: Injuries stemming from defects will fall under product liability law. Under this guidance, a victim must proof several factors in order to determine if there is a case. Under product liability law, both the manufacturer and the retailer have the responsibility to do what was reasonably possible to ensure that power tool was safe. This guidance indicates that a victim must proof several factors in order to determine if there is a case. These include;

  • If the duty to keep a user of the power tools safe was not followed, the manufacturer or retailer could be found negligence
  • Their negligence e caused your injuries
  • You were financially burden from these injuries

In some cases, your actions may have contributed to the accident and injury. If you operated the equipment in a way that may have been unsafe or if you used it incorrectly, the courts may assess a level of negligence to you.

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