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Originally known for its extensive tree covering and swampland, the city of Opa Locka was named after the Native American phrase "Opa-tisha-wocka-lock", which means "big island covered with many trees and swamps." The city was the vision of aviator Glen Curtiss. Plans for the city were heavily influenced by Arabian themes, including the architecture which often incorporated domes, outside stairwells, and minarets. Over 100 buildings were constructed by Curtiss and his architect, Berhardt Muller, reflecting the Moorish architecture. In May 1926, Opa Locka was incorporated. Until the hurricane hit in September 1926, Opa Locka was a thriving city that boasted an airport, zoo, hotel, train station, and golf course.

After the hurricane severely damaged the area, the US Navy opened up a base at the airport, which helped to boost the local economy. Upon closing the base in the 1950s, however, the city began to decline economically. High crime and unemployment became the norm in Opa Locka, which has continued for several decades. A renewed interest in Opa Locka's economic revival came in the 2000s through Mayor Myra L. Taylor. The mayor, along with city officials, worked to improve the economic stability and community involvement in the city, as well as reduce crime. Overall, the initiatives have been success as the crime rate has dropped and city renamed one of main streets to Barack Obama Avenue, as a means to reflect African American pride in the city.

Currently, Opa Locka has a population of 16,145. Over 96% of its residents are Hispanic, African American, or of island descent. Opa Locka is an economically challenged city, with almost 45% of its residents living under the poverty line, which is significantly higher than the national average of 14%. The median household income is $17,933 and the median property value is $98,900. Over 47% of the population is employed, commuting an average of 31 minutes to work each way. Households in Opa Locka own an average of one car, which is less than most Florida cities who average two cars.

Opa Locka Personal Injury Lawyer

The Opa Locka personal injury attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm work with their clients in many ways, including;

  • Opa Locka motor vehicle accident attorney
  • Wrongful death attorney in Opa Locka
  • Opa Locka distracted driver car crash accident injury lawyer
  • Slip and fall accident injury attorney in Opa Locka
  • Opa Locka dangerous intersection car crash accident lawyer
  • Left-hand turn automobile accident lawyer in Opa Locka
  • Opa Locka intoxicated driver car crash attorney
  • Uber car crash lawyer in Opa Locka
  • Opa Locka trip and fall accident attorney
  • Medical malpractice attorney in Opa Locka
  • Opa Locka defective product liability accident attorney
  • Opa Locka pedestrian accident lawyer
  • Defective product injury attorney in Opa Locka
  • Opa Locka medical malpractice lawyer
  • Parking lot car crash accident injury attorney in Opa Locka
  • Opa Locka premises liability accident attorney
  • Motorcycle accident attorney in Opa Locka
  • Opa Locka large truck collision attorney
  • Escalator trip and fall accident lawyer in Opa Locka
  • Opa Locka elevator slip and fall injury attorney
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Since 1963, the Opa Locka personal injury attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm have defended the rights of victims who have been injured in an accident. Injuries sustained in accidents are of the result of car crashes, slips and falls, or defective products. These injuries may be serious, preventing victims from working and leaving them unable to pay for medical treatment. If you or a loved one has been injured as the result of an accident, contact the personal injury lawyers at the Wolfson Law Firm for a free consultation. We can answer your questions about paying for medical treatment, long-term care, lost wages, and property damage. The attorneys at Wolfson Law Firm are dedicated to helping clients receive the compensation they deserve to recover from their injuries and get back on the path to recovery.

The Wolfson Law Firm proudly serves clients in the city of Opa Locka, as well as the surrounding cities of Hialeah, North Miami, Miami Gardens, and Westview. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident, contact the lawyers at the Wolfson Law Firm at 305-285-1115 for a free consultation.

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Jonah and his team are professional, talented and caring. They always treated me with the utmost respect and concern. I would recommend the Wolfson Law Firm without hesitation to anyone who needs top notch personal injury legal assistance! Richie
Mr. Wolfson helped me tremendously with my car accident. He was able to represent me with care and respect while fighting hard to get my case resolved. I live a busy life and being able to go about my day and not worrying about my case was a huge relief because I knew I was in good hands. I wasn't just another client to him and that's what makes the difference. Thank you again Mr. Wolfson! Michael
All I can say is WOW! I have never met such a professional law team. They are caring and put your needs above money. I guess to describe them is fair, kind, and professional. Don't be fooled by the other attorneys who only want your money. By far the best attorneys in Florida! Marina Barber
Jonah Wolfson is a superb attorney who provides excellent legal service in addition to being authentically concerned about his client and case. You will be hard pressed to find a better attorney and person in Miami. Brett Cummins
The Wolfson Law Firm and Jonah Wolfson represented me and my family and did a great job! They were always there for us day or night. My case was handled efficiently, quickly and professionally. Jonah Wolfson is bilingual, speaks Spanish fluently and that really helped when it came to communicating with some of my family. I highly recommend Jonah and his team at Wolfson Law Firm for any personal injury case!!! Richie Jergovic
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