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Known for its "freestyle cruises," Norwegian cruise ships remain popular with passengers looking to relax on the open seas. With 17 ships embarking on different destinations throughout the globe, passengers can cruise to exotic locations in the Caribbean, explore the natural beauty of the Greek Isles, or visit the islands of the South Pacific.

Hanging out by the pool, lounging in the hot tub, and playing in the waterpark are great ways to stay refreshed on a sweltering day. But with so many water activities, there is a risk that a passenger could be badly hurt or lose their life if they drown. And when a loved one drowns while on vacation, the pain can be excruciating.

To make matters worse, families have a small window to file a claim against a cruise line in the event of injury or fatality. Plus, cruise ship accidents can be complex as they fall under maritime law. To protect your rights, you must reach out to a lawyer specializing in maritime law and cruise ship accidents.

Norwegian Cruise Ship Passenger Drowning Accident

Founded in 1966, Norwegian Cruise Lines is the third-largest cruise line in the world. The cruise line is headquartered in Miami and has a fleet of 17 ships, each with various activities and entertainment options to keep passengers busy at sea. Depending on the ship, you may find a high ropes course, high-energy waterparks and waterslides, laser tag, and go-cart racing tracks. Passengers seeking a bit of relaxation at night can kick back and watch a Broadway show or laugh at the comedy theater.

With so many pools, hot tubs, water slides, and water parks on the ship, there is a chance that a passenger can drown or suffer from a near-drowning incident. Passengers could get knocked out if they hit their head in the pool, on a water slide, or at the waterpark. Passengers could drown if they become entangled in drains, lights, or other equipment in the pool. Even shore excursions pose a drowning risk if a passenger is swimming in the ocean, rushing down the rapids in a tube, paddleboarding, or snorkeling.

Even with trained lifeguards on staff, there is always a risk of drowning around pools, hot tubs, and other water areas. The large volume of people in and around the pool can make it hard to see someone who is submerged or stuck underwater. If the lifeguard is not paying close attention or is not at their post, they may not be able to render assistance in enough time. Or they may not recognize an emergency and fail to provide aid when needed.

Is a Near-Drowning Accident Fatal?

A passenger may be permanently injured in a near-drowning accident. If the passenger could not breathe for a long time, it may have cut off the oxygen supply to the brain. The lack of oxygen may result in permanent brain damage.

Even if a person survives a near-drowning, the incident could end up being fatal if the inhaled water causes the passenger’s lungs to become inflamed or swell up.

Why Call a Miami Maritime Lawyer?

When a severe cruise ship injury has affected your family, it is essential to speak with an attorney specializing in maritime law and cruise ship accidents. There are many legal complexities when you get hurt aboard a cruise ship. These include:

  • Liability waivers: Passengers severely hurt on cruise ships or shore excursions may think they don’t have any right to recover compensation to pay for the medical care because they signed a liability waiver. Your signature on a waiver does not absolve the cruise line if they were negligent.
  • Cruise ticket: Norwegian Cruise Line issues a guest ticket contract when you book a cruise. It spells out the terms and conditions you must follow onboard. Norwegian Cruise Line gives an injured party 185 days to notify the cruise line in writing that they plan to file an illness, injury, or death claim. In addition, the injured party has one year of the date of injury, illness, or death to file a lawsuit. When you miss these deadlines, you won’t be able to recover damages even if you are entitled to them. Your ticket may also limit where you can file a lawsuit, so it is vital to get legal guidance to ensure you file in the proper jurisdiction.
  • Laws: Maritime laws apply when you or a family member have been injured on a cruise ship. Maritime laws are complex, so it is a good idea to speak with a law firm specializing in cruise ship accidents.

Wolfson & Leon has represented families devastated by drowning and other accidents on cruise ships and shore excursions. We provide a free and confidential case analysis where we evaluate the legal merits of your claim. We can answer your questions about your right to recover compensation and talk through what legal options may be available. We can help build your case and defend your rights against the cruise lines. You can speak with a Miami maritime law firm today by calling Wolfson & Leon at 305-285-1115.

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