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A cruise is a popular vacation choice for many families. With no need to worry about where you stay or what you’ll eat, you can your days hanging out by the pool and taking in the local culture when you stop at the port. Many vacationers are drawn to the onboard recreational activities the cruise line offers. You can climb new heights or play a round of mini-golf to pass the time.

Many passengers may not realize that they can get hurt when participating in a cruise ship activity. While some injuries may be nothing more than a minor cut or bruise, others can result in severe and life-altering damage. The laws and rules around cruise ship accidents are very different than those occurring on land; it is critical to understand your legal rights to compensation in the event of a severe injury.

Miami Cruise Ship Attraction Injuries

For some passengers, the idea of basking in the sun all day is enough activity for the day. If you want to burn off a little steam, most cruise ships have fitness centers with treadmills, elliptical machines, and other gym equipment. Or stay in shape by jogging around the deck or joining an outdoor fitness class.

You can find other onboard activities to stay busy throughout the day. Mini-golf, bowling, and basketball are favorites. Most cruise ships feature exhilarating waterslides to stay cool on a hot day, and waterparks keep the kids (and adults) busy.

But if you like adventure, many cruise ships offer exciting onboard recreational activities. Royal Caribbean features FlowRider®, a 40-foot surf simulator on some of its ships. You can boogie board or surf amidst thousands of gallons of rushing water.

Passengers who enjoy a challenge and don't mind heights can find zipline courses, bungee jumping, and climbing walls on many cruise ships. On Carnival cruise ships, you can take a bike ride in the sky with their SkyRide®  activity or push your limits on their high ropes course.

While onboard recreational activities are a great way to pass the time, they aren't without risks. When passengers aren’t adequately strapped in or don’t have the proper protective gear when climbing a rock wall or a high ropes course, the damage can be devastating if they fall or become entangled. An inattentive operator can cause serious harm if they fail to ensure all safety measures are followed.

Passengers could be badly hurt when participating in intense water activities, such as surf simulators and waterslides. A passenger could hit their head or break a bone if thrown about due to the fast pace of the activity. If waterslides, waterparks, and surf simulators aren’t closely monitored by experienced staff, there is a risk that a passenger could drown.

Miami Cruise Ship Accident

When you or a family member are badly injured on a cruise ship recreational activity, you need to take immediate steps to protect your rights. Injured passengers should seek medical care immediately from the onboard medical team. Be sure to notify the appropriate crew member of the incident and ask for a copy of any accident reports. Do your best to preserve the accident area by taking pictures or videos. And be sure to get the contact information of any crew members or passengers who witnessed the accident.

Many passengers don't realize that they have only a short time to file a claim in the event of a severe injury. Your cruise ticket is also a contract and contains the terms and conditions you must follow to report a claim. Often, the cruise line requires that you notify them within six months of the accident if you plan to file a claim. Typically, you have 12 months after that accident to file a lawsuit. If you miss these deadlines, you lose the ability to collect compensation for your accident.

In addition to the strict deadlines, most cruise tickets require that you file a lawsuit within a specific jurisdiction and court. If you file in the wrong jurisdiction, you may be unable to collect damages.

Some passengers may avoid pursuing legal action because they signed a liability waiver. However, a signed waiver doesn't necessarily absolve the cruise line's liability. If the cruise ship didn't provide the correct safety equipment or the staff running the activity did not have the proper training, the cruise line may be negligent. So, it's always a good idea to seek legal advice when you or a family member was severely injured when participating in a cruise ship activity.

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Knowing how to defend your rights when your family has been devastated by a cruise ship accident is critical to recovering damages. You should seek the help of a law firm well-versed in maritime law and cruise ship accidents. At Wolfson & Leon, we take the time to review the legal merits of your case and explain what legal options may be possible in case of a cruise ship accident. You can find out more by calling (305) 285-1115 today for a free and confidential case analysis.

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