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Hialeah has some of the busiest roads in South Florida running through its city, including US-27, Red Road, and I-75. The large number of residents living in Hialeah, as well as commuters from nearby towns travelling through the city to get down to Miami, add considerable traffic to the road. With cars moving at fast speed, a car accident is bound to happen.

Common injuries in a car crash often include cuts, bruises, scrapes, and broken bones. While relatively minor, they can become more serious if you don’t seek medical attention. Serious injuries may also occur to the head, neck, or back. Injuries sustained in a car accident can require expensive medical treatment and may impact your ability to work. Speaking with a personal injury attorney can help to determine if you have a case and may be able to receive compensation to pay your bills. If you were injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you should speak with a Miami personal injury lawyer at the Wolfson Law Firm at 305-285-1115.

Hialeah Car Accident Attorney

The city of Hialeah was established in 1925. Hialeah means “pretty prairie land” in Muskogee and was chosen due to the vast prairies that spanned across the region. Hialeah is rich is sports history. In its early days, it was home to the famed Hialeah Park Racetrack, which was built by Glenn Curtiss and James H. Bright. The park had a lavish setting with its Mediterranean-inspired architecture and attracted many famous people including Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, and the Kennedy family. Hialeah also offered jai alai and greyhound racing.

Today, the city of Hialeah has a population of 237,523. Over 96% of the residents living in Hialeah are of Hispanic origin and it has the largest Cuban population in the county. Over 105,000 residents in Hialeah are employed, with an average commute time is 23.4 minutes. The median household income is $31,102, with median property values at $174,300.

Hialeah Car Crash Attorney

Our Miami car accident attorneys represent injured victims in many ways including;

  • Car crash injury attorney in Hialeah
  • Hialeah wrong-way driver automobile accident lawyer
  • Head-on collision car accident injury attorney in Hialeah
  • Attorney for pedestrian injured in crosswalk car accident in Miami
  • Parking lot car crash injury lawyer in Hialeah
  • Running a stop sign car accident attorney in Hialeah
  • Lawyer for injury resulting from distracted driver in Hialeah
  • Miami failure to yield automobile accident injury lawyer
  • Texting and driving car crash accident injury attorney in Hialeah
  • Sidewalk car accident pedestrian injury Hialeah lawyer
  • Construction truck accident injury attorney in Miami
  • Attorney for rear-end car accident injury in Hialeah
  • Automobile accident lawyer for injury resulting from impaired driver in Hialeah
  • Miami lawyer for hit and run serious head injury
  • Attorney for large truck accident causing injury in Hialeah
  • Miami lawyer for bicyclist injured in automobile accident
  • Hialeah car defect leading to a car crash injury lawyer
  • Miami failure to stop at a red-light car accident injury attorney
  • Inexperienced driver automobile accident lawyer in Hialeah
  • Broken taillight causing an injury accident Miami attorney
  • Erratic lane injury accident lawyer in Hialeah
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Injuries from car accidents can range from minor to serious. They may even result in the death of someone you love. Recovering from a car accident will take time and can be costly. Many victims are unable to work, yet they continue to rack up medical bills as they undergo treatment. The Miami personal injury attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm can help you to recover the money you need to pay for medical bills, future treatment, and replenish lost wages. If you have suffered an injury from a car crash that was not your fault, you should seek help from the Wolfson Law Firm. For a free consultation, call 305-285-1115 today.

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