Hialeah Heights Large Truck Accident Lawyer

It is common to see large trucks on the roads in South Florida. Constant construction requires large trucks to deliver concrete, materials, and equipment. Delivery trucks and 18-wheelers are needed to stock food and supplies to nearby grocery and retail stores.

Large trucks' size and travel speeds can pose dangers to other drivers who share the road. Large trucks traveling at a fast pace or carrying a heavy load can take time to stop quickly. Their massive size makes it harder for them to see other cars traveling close to their vehicle or driving through city streets.

Large truck accidents can cause catastrophic, even fatal, injuries. The damage can be so extensive that it can forever change the accident victim’s life. Unlike car crashes, large truck accidents can be complex. To help preserve and defend your rights, seeking the advice of a large truck accident lawyer at Wolfson & Leon can be critical. Learn how the Hialeah Heights accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon might be able to help by calling 305-285-1115 today.

Large Truck Accident in Hialeah Heights

Hialeah Heights is a small community that spans three miles. The area is a mix of residential and industrial parks. Tucked between two major highways, Hialeah Heights frequently has large trucks traveling on its streets.

Accidents involving large trucks bring different complexities. Often, large trucks are on the road for business, such as delivering supplies or equipment. As such, there could be multiple parties who share in the responsibility for the accident, including;

  • Driver
  • Owner of the truck
  • The maker of the truck
  • Cargo owner

Unlike car accidents, you must demonstrate negligence in a large truck accident. Truck drivers owe a duty of care to others as they operate their vehicles. If the truck driver is speeding or runs a red light, they may be negligent. You must also show that you sustained physical and financial injuries from their negligence.

Given the added complexity, seeking the help of a Hialeah Heights large truck accident lawyer can be essential to defending your rights. To evaluate the legal merits of your claim, a large truck accident lawyer may consider such factors as;

  • The overall experience of the operator
  • Training the driver received to operate the truck and secure the load
  • How frequently was the truck maintained
  • Any defective parts or systems
  • Like other drivers on the road, a truck operator has a duty of care when running their truck. However, accident victims must prove negligence when a large truck is involved. This burden of proof makes engaging a West Palm Beach truck accident attorney critical to your case. Your accident lawyer may consider other factors, such as how often the company maintained the truck and if the vehicle has any defective parts. An attorney may also consider the driver's experience and the training they received from the company.
Why Call a Hialeah Heights Large Truck Accident Lawyer?

Remember that large trucks are on the road for business purposes. So, many parties could be responsible if the truck gets into an accident. As such, you may be offered a quick settlement by the trucking company's lawyers or insurance agents. Understandably, when you are severely hurt and cannot work, you don't want to deal with phone calls, paperwork, and negotiations.

However, early settlements are typically not in your best interest. A quick settlement is often a means to limit someone else’s liability and keep their costs low. Once you accept the settlement, you won’t be able to ask for more if you need it. If your injuries are catastrophic, the damage could be far worse than what doctors anticipated.

Other times, a trucking company may conduct its investigation of the accident to discourage you from filing a suit or discredit your case.

Seeking legal help when you have been critically hurt in a large truck accident can help protect your right to compensation for your injuries. At Wolfson & Leon, our large truck accident attorneys review the legal merits of your claim. We assess the extent of the damage and the economic impact on your family.

If you choose legal action, our Hialeah Heights large truck lawyers will work with you to build your case. We handle all administrative matters, such as paperwork and phone calls. We use outside consultants and expert witnesses to build your case when necessary. Whether in court or at the negotiation table, our Hialeah Heights large truck lawyers are prepared to defend your rights.

Large Truck Accident Law Firm in Hialeah Heights

When you or a family member is critically hurt in a large truck accident, we encourage you to call Wolfson & Leon today for a free evaluation of the accident. We examine the legal merits of your case, answer questions, and can talk with you about possible legal remedies.

Should you choose to pursue a lawsuit, Wolfson & Leon will be with you every step of the way. Our Hialeah Heights large truck accident attorneys help you navigate the process of filing a lawsuit. We answer questions you have along the way and keep you up to date on your case's status.

Find out how the Hialeah Heights large truck lawyers at Wolfson & Leon may be able to help you by calling 305-285-1115 today.

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