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A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury. It is a serious but not life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. The word concussion was coined from the Latin word “Concutere” which means “to shake violently”.

Concussions are usually caused by falls, accidents, sports injuries or blows to the head or body that causes the head to suddenly jerk back and forth, thereby resulting in movement of the brain in the skull. Sudden forceful movements that cause the brain to move in the skull can cause the brain cells to stretch and become damaged. Normally, the brain is cushioned and supported by cerebrospinal fluid in the skull, but when a concussion occurs, the jolt causes the brain to lose its support, resulting in stretching and bruising of the brain cells, injury to the cranial nerves and damage to the blood vessels supplying the brain.

Although concussions are the rarest and least life-threatening type of traumatic brain injury, it is important to be able to recognize a concussion; early diagnosis means that the condition would be treated and managed on time before it starts causing functional impairment.

Concussions could either be mild, moderate or severe. Most cases that have been reported are relatively mild and the affected individuals recovered fully after treatment. In severe cases, the symptoms can persist for weeks or months.

The signs and symptoms of concussions can be classified into four groups based on the brain function being affected. These groups include thinking and memory impairment, sleep disturbances, emotional and mood instability, and physical signs. While some signs and symptoms may be apparent for just a few seconds, others might linger for days or weeks after the head trauma.

Thinking and memory impairment could be in the form of anterograde amnesia, retrograde amnesia, loss of consciousness or coma, and transient global amnesia. Affected individuals also have problems with critical thinking and are unable to answer questions.

Insomnia and irregularities in sleeping patterns after a head trauma are a clear indication that concussion has occurred. It is essential to know that a person who has experienced head trauma and is suspected of having a concussion should not go to sleep until he or she has visited a doctor and has received clearance. Sleeping while having a concussion can result in being in a comatose state and even death.

Another clear pointer to a concussion is unstable emotions. Individuals with mild to moderate concussions are often irritable, sad and experience mood swings while those with severe concussions are usually nervous and anxious. Cuts or bruises on the head, swelling, headaches, dizziness, blurry vision, lethargy, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting, loss of equilibrium and balance, and photosensitivity are some of the physical signs that have been linked with concussions.

In order to conclusively diagnose a concussion, a doctor would take into consideration a patient’s history, his or her presenting signs and symptoms, and test results from neurological examinations, head CT scan, MRI of the brain and an impact concussion test.

The anatomy of a child and adolescent differs from that of an adult; they have softer bones and also experience rapid weight gain and height increase. These three factors make them more prone to accidents than adults, thus increases their risk of a concussion.

Since children with a concussion might have a hard time relating their signs and symptoms or their feelings after a concussion, as a parent, it is your duty to monitor such a child closely for a minimum of 24 hours so that you can detect the slightest changes in their behavior. It is also advised not to self-meditate or give them any medications unless it has been prescribed by a doctor.

The best treatment for a concussion is bed rest. Physical and mental rest will help the brain recover from a concussion; this means that all strenuous or sporting activities must be avoided until further notice. Activities that also involve critical thinking such as reading, playing games, watching TV, etc., must also be abstained from.

The doctor will also prescribe analgesics like Tylenol and Acetaminophen for a headache. Ibuprofen and aspirin should be avoided because they can cause intracranial hemorrhages. An ice pack can be applied to the head if there is a swelling; it will help to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. Cuts and bruises can be treated using normal saline, iodine solution and topical anesthesia like lidocaine. Surgical therapy is not usually necessary and is only indicated if there is a brain bleed or edema. The prognosis for a first time or single concussion is very good, but a repeat concussion can result in brain edema, brain damage and even death in extreme cases.

Concussions can occur following various accidents. Direct trauma that can result in concussions include:

  • Concussions from car accidents
  • Concussions from motorcycle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents causing concussions
  • Concussions caused by trip and fall accidents
  • Concussions resulting from merchandise falling on head
  • Step and fall accidents causing concussions

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