Benefits Available for Florida Crime Victims

Benefits Available For Florida Crime Victims

If you were a victim of crime and suffered injuries, our Florida crime victim compensation lawyers are available to help. If you lost a loved one due to a senseless crime, our Miami crime victim and Florida wrongful death attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm can assist you in determining what ways you can seek compensation in the civil courts for your injuries, losses and harms. Call us at (305) 285-1115 for your free consultation. We never charge a fee unless we make a financial recovery for you. Our crime victim compensation team in Miami is standing by to help. Don’t delay – call now and get the answers you need.

Florida Bureau of Victim Compensation

Suffering from a crime is a life-changing experience. An attack on someone’s life, health, or safety leads to consequences that influence greatly one’s own life, family, friendships and work. Nothing is the same afterward. Unfortunately, some of these consequences, such as wrongful death or permanent disability, are irreversible. But, when victims or people close to them have financial expenses related to the crime, there are avenues to be compensated.

It might come as a surprise to you, but the civil justice system helps innocent crime victims get compensation for their suffering. The Bureau of Victim Compensation in Florida is the address where you can present a claim for compensation. Call the Office of the Attorney General and Bureau of Victim Compensation at 800-226-6667 for more information.

What Benefits are Available to Crime Victims in Florida?

Compensation benefits vary greatly from state to state. If you or your loved ones have been a victim of a crime in Florida, the Florida Bureau of Victim Compensation can compensate the following expenses and losses:

  • Wage loss. Very often, crime victims are not able to return to work right after the unfortunate event. Most of the times criminal attacks result in personal injuries requiring time for recovery. It means that the victim or the parent/guardian of the victim may need to be absent from work for a while. During that time, they lose wages that would have earned otherwise. This wage loss may be covered by Bureau of Victim Compensation programs.
  • Loss of support. When a deceased crime victim was employed and supported someone else with his or her income, or was eligible for reemployment assistance benefits, persons who have lost his or her support due to the death caused by the crime, may have the right to compensation for loss of support.
  • Disability allowance. When the victim becomes permanently disabled because of the crime, he or she has the right to seek disability allowance.
  • Funeral/burial expenses. When death is caused by a crime, the Bureau of Victim Compensation can cover the expenses for the funeral/burial of the victim.
  • Treatment expenses. When crimes result in injuries that require medical treatment, non-medical care or other medically necessary services, the Bureau may cover the expenses. Aside from regular medical expenses such as visits to doctor, surgeries and various medical examinations, these expenses might include prescriptions, prosthetics, eyeglasses, dentures, and any other medical equipment needed for successful recovery.
  • Mental health and grief counseling. Crimes often leave indelible mental and emotional marks on people’s lives, hence mental health and grief counseling expenses of the victim and people who are close to him or her can be covered.
  • Property loss reimbursement. This benefit is available only for victims older than 60 and disabled victims and covers only certain types or tangible properties. Compensation can be claimed only if the crime was reported to the authorities within 72 hours.
  • Domestic violence relocation assistance. When it comes to crimes of domestic violence, victims have the right to ask for assistance to escape the violent environment.
  • Sexual battery relocation assistance. If there is a reasonable concern for the safety of victim of sexual battery, the victim may receive relocation assistance without any expenses.
  • Human trafficking relocation assistance. Human trafficking environment is extremely unsafe. Expenses for escaping it may be covered by the Bureau of Victim Compensation.
Miami Crime Victim Compensation Attorneys

We understand that after suffering serious injuries or a fatality, when you begin to put the pieces of your life back together, you will likely want to speak with the best Miami crime victim lawyer or best Florida crime victim compensation attorney that you can find. It may not be easy to make a financial recovery, but you owe it to yourself and your family to at least speak with a crime victim rights lawyer in Miami or anywhere in Florida after you call the Office of the Attorney General and Bureau of Victim Compensation at 800-226-6667.

At the Wolfson law Firm, our Miami crime victim lawyers have helped personal injury victims and the survivors of wrongful death since 1963. Our bilingual crime victim personal injury lawyers in Miami are standing by to assist you during these most difficult times. Call us anytime at (305) 285-1115 or toll-free at (855) 982-2067.

Our Miami crime victim attorneys proudly serve the communities and neighborhoods of Miami-Dade County including but not limited to Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, South Beach, Homestead, Allapattah, Fontainebleau, Hialeah, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Aventura, Downtown Miami, Little Havana, South Miami, Overtown, Wynwood, Design District, Overtown, Edgewater, Miami Lakes and Kendall.

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